General Questions

Doing great, because you are going to be our next happy client 😉 .

We are a group of SEO experts, Web Designers, Programmers, Content Writers, WordPress Experts, and the Pro’s in all the services we provide. Each one of our interns and workers has years of experience in the industry they are working on. They have to been working with so many clients over the years and fulfilling all of their needs within their budget. So, you will never have to worry about the quality of your project with us.

We cannot help you without getting access to your website or the web server based on the service that you need. You can trust us as you trust yourself. All of our worker activities are monitored by the managers. So, you will never experience a security issue by sharing your credentials with us or creating a new account to give us access to your products or services. If you need our help, you should trust us, and we promise that you will never regret it 🙂 .


We accept PayPal and Direct bank transfer at the time of the order. But, if you need any alternate payment options, let us discuss that.

Unfortunately, we can’t refund the payment for all the services. If the service is eligible for the refund, you can see it in the “Additional Information Tab” in the Product purchasing page. But you will never have to ask us for a refund. Our quality services will always satisfy all your requirements. We will do our best to serve you better within the specified time frame.

It depends on the services. There are services which needs the payment before starting the procedure, services which needs a small advance, and few services which only demands payment after completion. You can find the details in the pages of respective services.

No. You will not get a refund after the refund period has been ended. You can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with our service (which is not going to happen 🙂 ) within the specified money-back guarantee period. And we will initiate the refund to you.

It depends. If the tweak doesn’t need more than a few seconds or 1 or 2 minutes, we are not going to charge you anything. We will only charge you when it requires our techs to put their valuable time on it. Remember, nothing is Free.

If you just need exactly the things mentioned in the product/service page, Yes, you just have to pay the same amount. But if you need us to work on anything more, we may ask for an additional payment from you. But most of the times, we do not, if the additional work is not that big when compared to the pricing of the product.


After confirming the order, we will have a through chat session over our websites chat widget or Skype. If you prefer any other methods, we are always happy to use them.

Using the chat widget on our website, you can reach us almost instantly. If you mail us, you can expect the reply within 24-hours.

Just click the button at the bottom-left corner to chat with us right now. Or if you are too lazy to do that, just Click Here.