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WordPress is powerful than you ever Imagined...

Ever thought that the WordPress CMS is so limited for your needs? Well... you got it wrong. It is one of the most flexible content management systems ever created. You just need the help of a WordPress developer to tweak it according to your needs and make it more useful to meet your requirements. So, we are here to tweak the WordPress for you.

All WordPress Tweaks
  • Disable Post Revisions to reduce database size
  • Disable the website field on comment forms to prevent spam
  • Disable theme/plugin editor from the dashboard
  • Adjust the memory allocated for WordPress
  • Enable automatic WordPress updates
  • Automatically create meta description from the content
  • Automatically replace words by affiliate links
  • Allow uploading of more file types
  • Create custom post types
  • Disable posts autosaving

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WordPress Tweak Service
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