Types of Essays

Definition Essay

The type of the Essay that defines different types of things or ideas in a long form.

Narrative Essay

An Essay written in the form of a short story explaining about different things or ideas.

Descriptive Essay

An Essay that describes something to give readers an idea about the topic of the essay.

Expository Essay

A type of essay that exposes the details or meaning of a topic to clear readers doubts.

Persuasive Essay

Type of the Essay to convince the readers to do or not to do a certain thing.

Argumentative Essay

An Essay that arguments about something supporting the topic with facts and details.

Analytical Essay

An Essay that Analyzes the topic from different angles and presents it in the form of an Essay.

Comparison Essay

An Essay that compares two different things or ideas and present them with details of both.

Critical Essay

An essay that evaluate the topic on the basis of their merits or demerits with detailed description.

Explicatory Essay

A type of essay that explains a certain thing or idea to the readers to make them aware.

Review Essay

An Essay that reviews the topic such as a book or product and list their pros and cons.

Simple Essay

A small essay in less than 5-10 paragraphs that discuss about a certain topic.