WordPress Setup – Starter Package

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WordPress Setup – Starter Package is for those who need to set up a WordPress website and just get started with all the necessary things done. The package includes everything a beginner site owner needs to start posting content and getting it indexed on the search results. You will be getting a basic WordPress website installed on the selected domain and server as per your requirements. It will include the initial WordPress configuration, basic theme and plugin setup, basic pages setup, etc. to get you started.


WordPress Setup – Starter Package Features

We will install the default WordPress CMS on your hosting server based on your requirements and analyzing the server resources. To install WordPress, you will need a website with at least 512MB of RAM and 1 CPU core processor. Also, your web server should support the WordPress cores such as PHP files, SQL Databases, etc. If you do not already have a hosting service we will choose one for you based on your requirements (The hosting charges will be applied to the amount additionally.) If you want to purchase a hosting service yourself, we recommend going for a managed WordPress hosting such as Siteground, Bluehost, Dreamhost, etc.

After the WordPress is successfully installed on your server and the database has been created, we will start the initial configuration process. We will do the most essential and recommended WordPress configurations to make sure that your website is compatible for the web and has no problems in it. We may ask you several questions such as “which version of the website (www or non-www, https or http) you prefer.” Based on the answers we get from you, we will complete the initial website configuration.

Now, we will install some of the most crucial and basic plugins that will ensure the ease of use on your WordPress website. WordPress is a pretty feature-rich platform, but you will still need some additional plugins to expand its usability. For example, if you want to add tables to your posts or pages, you will have to use an extra plugin. These are the plugins that we recommend installing on any WordPress website. If you don’t need any one of them, you can let us know and we will exclude it from the installation process.

Upon installing WordPress, the WordPress CMS will add three default themes to your WordPress installation which are, the Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Sixteen, and Twenty Fifteen. But most of our customers find they are not suitable for any other website types except basic blogs. So, here we have three options

  • You provide a name of the theme that you like from the WordPress theme repository.
  • You provide a premium theme file from the marketplaces like Themeforest.
  • Let us choose a perfect theme for you based on your requirements.

After we have a decision on the theme, we will install it on your website and make it live with the necessary initial setup.

Every website needs some important pages to be listed on them. They will provide the customers or visitors a better understanding of the websites, its functions, and their privacy. So, to ensure that all our clients have the perfect website, we will add them for you with contents on it. Here are the pages that we will set up on your website by following the industry standards to comply with the rules and regulations such as GDPR.

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