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Secure your website with a Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is an initiative to make the web secure. It is very useful for the independent webmasters and bloggers to secure their website without spending any money. It is partnered by the internet’s biggest companies such as Google, Mozilla, Facebook, Cisco, Sucuri, etc. which makes it a trusted certificate provider. Free doesn’t mean less quality. Even if it doesn’t equal the features of a premium SSL certificate, it is still enough to protect your website and avoid non-secure message in the web browsers.

Let’s Encrypt SSL Installation Features

In order to install the Let’s Encrypt SSL on your website, we have to make the website ready for it. For example, your server should have a proper configuration file and the firewall should be configured appropriately to allow the SSL connections. We will make sure that everything on your web server is configured correctly so that we could install the SSL certificate on your domain or domains as per your requirements.

Then we will start the process of installing the SSL certificate on your website. The procedure is different for different web servers. For example, if you are using any managed hosting services, the process is much simpler than an unmanaged hosting service such as Digital Ocean. Now, we will install the SSL certificate on your root domain as well as the sub-domains (if any) as per your requirements. If you need the Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL, you could let us know. We will let also let you know the location of your SSL files that you can retrieve later in case of any website migrations or something.

Let’s Encrypt SSL is a bit different from the normal SSL certificates. For security purposes and due to excessive usage, they have limited the duration of their SSL certificates to 90 days. Which means you will have to renew the certificate every 3 months. Don’t worry, we will set up the automatic renewal of your SSL so that you don’t have to worry about renewing it again unless you decide to change your hosting service.

Installing SSL certificates may not be enough to enable in your website. If your website is still accessible from the normal insecure HTTP connection, you are not secured yet. So, we have to force the website to use HTTPS on every request and URLs. After installing the Let’s Encrypt SSL on your domain, we will ensure that your website is forcing the SSL version and the non-SSL version is properly redirecting to the SSL version.

Last but not least, we will test your SSL connection using the most trusted tools in the industry to make sure that your website is being served over SSL all over the globe and no warnings such as Mixed-Content is showing up the in the console. After making sure that everything is working perfect, we will let you know. 🙂


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