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Migrate your Blogger/Blogspot website to WordPress with our professional Blogger migration service. WordPress is heaven when compared to a limited platform like Blogger. With plenty of features, themes, plugins, and a wide community of developers, you could achieve almost anything that you want on your website using WordPress. Purchase the Blogger to WordPress migration service to get started. Also be sure to read more details given below.

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Blogspot or Blogger is a basic platform for bloggers. The website allows creating simple blogs using limited functionality and templates. If you want to unlock a wide range of features, themes, and plugins, WordPress is the best option. It is the most used CMS (content management system) on the internet. If you already own a website on Blogger with some content in it and want to start using WordPress with the same content, our Blogger to WordPress migration service will help you. We will literally convert your Blogspot website to a WordPress blog with all the functions and features that you need.

Blogger to WordPress Migration Process

  • A WordPress hosting like Siteground, Bluehost, or Dreamhost.
  • A custom domain if you don’t have it already

We will back up your posts and pages from the Blogger platform for transferring them to the WordPress instance. It might take some time based on the number of posts and pages and content on your website. So, there is no definite time for the entire process including the backup process. So be patient.

Then we will install a WordPress instance on your newly purchased domain (if you don’t have one already) and hosting service. We will also make sure that the newly installed WordPress is secured with our WordPress security check and protection enhancement service. We will also install necessary plugins and a theme of your preference. After everything is perfect, we will import your Blogger posts and pages to the WordPress website.

At this point, we have all the content on the old Blogger website in the new instance. Now, it is the time to make them work properly. For example, we might have to setup proper redirects to avoid 404 issues on your indexed URLs and many other things. So, we will ensure that your WordPress website works perfectly and nothing is left behind.

We recommend installing an SSL certificate on your website to make it secure. If you don’t have money for a premium certificate, we could always install a free SSL such as Let’s Encrypt on your domain. This will ensure that your web content is served over HTTPS. We will also strengthen the security of the website by disabling unwanted script executions on your website as you are just getting started with WordPress.

Now, we can make the website live. During the entire process, your old Blogger website will stay live and the switch from Blogger to WordPress will be done with no downtime at all. As soon as the domain is propagated, you could see your website being served from WordPress.

WordPress has an amazing Getting Started guide that might help you to get any of your basic questions answered. As our customer, you will get a 3-day WordPress support for completely free of cost 🙂 . You could ask your doubts about the WordPress platform and we will be happy to answer you.

Features of the Blogger to WordPress Migration Service

  • Transfer your entire blog to WordPress (anything possible.)
  • Install, secure, speed up, and optimize the WordPress.
  • One Free WordPress theme.
  • Retain the original url/link structure.
  • No downtime at all.
  • Submit the new website structure to the search engines.
  • Free SSL certificate installation.
  • Free WordPress basic setup service.
  • Free WordPress security enhancement.
  • Free WordPress page speed optimization.
  • Free Theme and Plugin Installation.


It is completely based on your blog size and the amount of content you have. But most of the standard blogs will be migrated within 24 hours. It can take upto 3 days Max.

You can actually, but we recommend not to. As we will be migrating the data from your Blog, it might cause the changes to not take effect on the WordPress blog. If you are running a big website or you insist to work on it during the migration, make sure that you remember the changes that you have made so that we could implement any missing changes on the WordPress.

No. Your website will be up all the time and you won’t experience any downtime at all.

It may slightly get deviated for few days because we are completely moving to another platform and the search engines like Google has to identify the changes. There have been positive improvements by changing some customer’s .blogspot.com domains to custom domains. So, there won’t be any negative changes in your search rankings.

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